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Cheap, simple, functional, effective and elegant clip frames

Clip frames, available online here, are also colloquially, though often inaccurately, called ' Frameless frames', 'Snap frames' . ' Borderless frames' or 'Glass frames.' Clip framing is a very economical, effective and elegant method of displaying photographs, prints and other works on paper. This minimalist look ensures that the clip framing never intudes or or interferes for the .. attention of the framed art. Almost invariably, a clip frame will be made up of a piece of either glass pane or plastic, transparent glazing material, a Craftwood backing and several, chrome-plated Swiss steel clips to hold everything firmly clipped together.The clips can be unclipped or removed to insert the artwork inside, or in between the glazing material and back. Any art inserted can usually be removed and changed at a later date. After inserting the artwork, the clips are put back and the fitted clip frame may be hung. The clips or fitted hangers at the back allow for either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) hanging. No fitting or servicing by a picture framer is required. Clip frames are usually shrink-wrapped, cardboard-protected and suit most photographic and international 'A' series sizes. This stylish, framing concept has been around for decades, but still gives that clean, light, Scandinavian feel often associated with chic, elegant and modern European look and feel. Clip frames, somewhat like flowers, look best when clustered, and as shown in the image above. Customers use them for photos, small fun prints, postcards, calendars, and most paper art. The clean, gallery look also suits graphic design studios and art decorators. Graphic designers often include mats within and inside the clip frame. This is usually possible (however do check with you picture framer first) because the steel clips have a small tongue or spring which can flex and allow for the extra thickness of the mat ( about 1.2mm) to be inserted inside the clip frame.

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Custom picture frame your cherished memories with creative picture frames

It is possible to hold, capture and keep your most cherished memories by custom picture framing some of the items or objects associated with the memories' times or events. In this example, a pair of child-sized, soccer boots are mounted and framed in the 3-dimensional silver, box picture frame. The boots were brought in by a female customer whose brother was soon to become 21.. She had asked that the boots be picture framed economically and in time for his birthday. The items were picture framed with two mat colours over a light background inside a custom made box pictureframe. Many are the objects, such as mementos, keepsakes, collectibles, coins, stamps, spoons, pins, badges, flags, pennants, shells, fabrices, records, photos, documents, letters, postcards, thimbles, buttons, paper art, that can be picture framed or put in a picture frame. We have seen some US picture framers' commissions which involved the framing of complete military uniforms, though the picture frame cannot be hung and these were more like display cabinets than frames. If framing personal memorabilia, customers should take care in choosing the picture framer. Many picture framers are unsuited to this exacting and delicate type of work. They may even use resins or glues to permanently and irreversibly bond artwork. Ideally, during your consultation with the picture framer, you should ask if he or she actually enjoys this specialized picture framing. If they do, chances are that they will not only be good at it, but will also have actual examples of photographs of past works or commissions they have done. You would then be able to better judge if the framer is suited for the task which you will proffer.

All prints, photos and art should be conservation framed to lessen deterioration

We don't think so. In our many years of making picture frames and picture framing experience, by far the vast majority of prints, posters and allied art brought in by Customers for picture framing consists of inexpensive, ephemeral, decorative, mass-produced, tourism-related, commercial, mechanical reproductions. Most of these are cosmetic, decor items and, as such, likely to be discarded by Customers when these become unfashionable in as little as a few years. Most of this kind or art can bei nexpensively framed with cheap Ready-Made poster frames by the Customers themselves at about one-third the cost of custom picture frames. We've all seen the unwanted Sara Moon, Leaping Dolphins or Breaching Whales framed posters being flogged for a few dollars at the local, week-end bazaar, market or church fete. It's therefore both unwise and inadvisable for customers to pay double or triple normal, custom framing prices by adding Ultra-Violet protection glass or Museum Quality mount boards to their work. This applies for much if not all of the commercial, picture framing requested by customers. Note however that these comments do not apply to artwork having any kind or degree of financial, cultural, economic, historical, emotional value or significance. Nowadays, with the age of the internet, most customers, are expecting picture frames and picture framing cheaper and quicker. Customers will shop around and will wonder and ask why on earth they should pay a few hundred dollars to "over-frame" a print that cost the $20, $30 or even $40. Picture framers who try to overframe everyday prints and poster will only end up doing themselves a disservice as customers find other, more scrupulous and cheaper framers. These customers will also remember the incident and assiduously avoid returning to the original, "expensive" framer.