Frameless Picture Frames & Clip Frames

Classic, yet sleek, smart and modern Clip Frames, or Frameless Frames in a variety of common and popular document and photo sizes. The steel clips lock the glass, or plastic, glazing cover material, the artwork and Craftwood backing all together. The smaller clip frames are slotted at the back for easier or additional hanging points. All clip frames have additional hanging devices such as D-Rings or Sawtooth Hangers for easier wall hanging. Up to A3 size, the clip frames have (CG) clear glass glazing. Larger sizes have (CP) clear plastic glazing to avoid shipping damage. PLEASE NOTE: We accept single frame orders but only as Customer Collect or Store Pick Up. Single, or one frame orders, are highly likely to suffer transit damage and it is best to personally collect them.

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4"x6" Frameless Clip Frame (suits 10.1x15.2cms paper) with Clear Glass  
5"x7"  Frameless Clip Frame (suits 12.7x17.7cms paper) with Clear Glass  
6"x8" Frameless Clip Frame (suits 15.2x20.3cms paper) with Clear Glass  
A5 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 14.8x21.0cms paper) with Clear Glass  
20x20cms Square  Frameless Clip Frame (suits 20x20cm paper) with Clear Glass  
8"x10"  Frameless  Clip Frame (suits 20.3x25.4cms paper) with Clear Glass  
A4 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 21.0x29.7cms paper) with Clear Glass  
A4 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 21.0x29.7cms paper) with (CP) Clear Plastic  
8"x12"  Frameless Clip Frame (suits 20.3x30.5cms paper) with Clear Glass  
30x30cms Square Frameless Clip Frame (suits 30x30cm paper) with Clear Glass  
11"x14" Frameless Clip Frame (suits 27.9x35.5cms paper) with Clear Glass  
A3 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 29.7x42.0cms paper) with Clear Glass  
12"x18" Frameless Clip Frame (suits 30.5x45.7cms paper) with Clear Glass  
40x40cms Square Frameless Clip Frame (suits 40x40cm paper) with Clear Glass  
A2 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 42x59.4cms paper) with Clear Plastic  
A1 Frameless Clip Frame (suits 59.4x84.1cms paper) with Clear Plastic  
We regret we do not make or supply custom-size, made-to-order or special size clip frames.