Store Shipping Costs Table and Shipping Schedule Map

All information here is approximate. For accurate shipping costs please use the 'Estimate Shipping' calculator after using 'Add to Cart' and before Checkout. The Schedule excludes public holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Year seasons. For help with orders, visit our Help and FAQs or use the Contact page.

Shipping to: Parcel weight: Cost (inc. GST): Delivery times:
Melbourne 25kgs $14.49 See Map below
Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart 5kgs $19.47 See Map below
Brisbane 5kgs $25.46 See Map below
Perth 5kgs $35.14 See Map below
Darwin 5kgs $79.25 See Map below

In most cases the Couriers fulfil the below Deliveries Schedule, however delivery times are not guaranteed and occasional delays can occur!  Should  a delivery deadline be crucial to you, please select the Customer Collect shipping  option, or book with your own Courier.


About Couriers, shipping and deliveries

We like to work quickly and can generally process, pack and dispatch Customers’ orders on the same day. However once parcels leave our premises, these also leave our care and control. We contract deliveries to several professional Courier companies and, by and large, they deliver punctually and reliably. Nevertheless, Courier drivers are people. They can fall ill, their vans can break down, have accidents, get flooded, caught in storms, and what have you. If your parcel is in transit and any or all of these events occur, then it may get delayed or not get to you. If that happens, there isn’t much that we can do from our Office in Melbourne apart from raising Support Tickets.  We further advise that we do not know of any Couriers that are able to guarantee delivery dates. We therefore can not and will not assure or guarantee delivery deadlines. To avoid delays, disappointments, disagreements and disputes please ensure that you place your order for our picture frames or other products with plenty of time for your expected or scheduled event,  presentation, gathering, function, business meeting, family or social occasion.

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