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These bevel-cut, window mats ( also called window mounts or simply, mats ) have one rectangular opening each and are available only in the four colours thumbnailed below and as shown above the 'Add to Cart' button. The Outside is the mat's actual outside size and generally fits inside most picture frames or photo frames of that size. The Inside is the mat's nominal inner hole size and should suit any picture or photo of that size. Mats are bevel (at an agle) cut, with  sharp edges and carry Warning Stickers telling users to be careful when handling the mats.  To attach a print or photo to the mat, simply tape it to the back of the mat and then insert the whole assembly into the photo frame or picture frame of choice. No hand tools are necessary and no fitting or servicing by a picture framer is needed. Please note that due to variations between computer monitors' RGB colours and mat-boards' CYMK swatches, the rendition of the shown thumbnail colours is approximate only. Further, colours can vary slightly between milling batches and may be a little cooler, warmer, lighter or darker between production runs. This can happen, is beyond our control and we cannot guarantee absolute colour accuracy. This product is wrapped for cleanliness and your protection.  Subject to being in stock, order online here and now for prompt dispatch and delivery throughout Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast and Brisbane!

PLEASE NOTE: These mat packs are not sold off-the-shelf. We cut them only after receiving online orders. If you come to our premises to buy, without having ordered online first, we will not have stock available.

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Susan L. (Forde, ACT.) - April 4th 2018
Our art classes group used to be able to go to the local picture framer to get or small watercolour window mats cut. However the owner just retired and the picture framing store just closed down. We tried other framers but nobody wanted to just cut mats. Luckily we found this online store so we now buy them form here.