Picture Framing Gallery

We specialize in picture framing art on paper such as prints and posters. We make picture frames in many sizes, shapes and colours. For picture framing prices, use our Prices Estimator. Below are some past and recent Customers' works. For help with orders, please visit our Store Help and FAQS page, or use our Contact page.

Tasmanian Raw Oak Box Frame

This style of timber moulding (frame) has very much come into the fore during these last few years. It has a modern, natural, industrial look much favoured by avant-garde, interior decorators. This native, australian-made moulding comes in a variety of sizes, is quite variable in shades, tints and colours. Quite often a moulding stick will reveal knots and resin streaks thus adding a natural character and beauty to this beautiful, natural material harvested from sustainable forests in Australia.

Tasmanian Raw Oak Picture Frame

Making these picture frames and photo frames is highly rewarding, if not a labour of love. Often the raw moulding needs a little hand sanding to clean transit detritus and or to reduce shade and tint contrasts. This native material is the same as that of the Tasmanian Raw Oak Box Frame. The main difference is that is a picture frame rather than a box frame. This means that the width of the moulding is greater than height, or the opposite of a box frame where the height is greater that the width.

AFL Football, or Footy Jumpers

This is a sentimental favourite with many Australian families. Any of the various AFL or VFL football guernseys or jerseys can be framed as shown below. We hand-stretch ( no glues or tapes with us! ) the jumper over an acid-free, inner biscuit and then hand-pin the stretched jumper to a white backing or background to hold it into place.  We then cut a window mat, shadow-box space it accordingly, and finally fit the assembly into a black frame. This is the most common arrangement and costs $249.

Floater or Floating Frame

This is really an old framing design revived.  The art is first stretch-framed and then it is framed with a  'floater' frame which is shaped like a steel angle bar. The stretch-framed art is then fitted inside the floater frame. This makes the art look as though it is "floating" inside the floater frame, because it is smaller. Floater frames come in varying styles, shapes, sizes and colours. This design is somewhat expensive because the framing processes require first stretch-framing, and then, its framing in a float frame.