Photo Frames and small Picture Frames

Inexpensive, elegant and practical range of every-day, small, medium and large, Black, White, Silver, Tan and Brown photo frames in the most common sizes. These frames are both suitable and popular for gift-giving, birthdays, festivities, for the home and office and educational, or work presentations.  All have swivel clips or flexible tabs at the back for easy insertion of artwork and may hung or stood by their easels or standbacks. Sizes up to usually 11"x14" have stands, while larger sizes do not, since the legs of the stands or easels may fold over and collapse over time. PLEASE NOTE: We accept single frame orders but only as Customer Collect or Store Pick Up. Single, or one frame orders, are highly likely to suffer transit damage and it is best to personally collect them.

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4"x6" Curved Photo Frame (fits 10x15cm pic.) with Clear Glass and Stand  
5"x7" Curved Photo Frame (fits 13x18cm pic.) with Clear Glass and Stand  
6"x8" Curved Photo Frame (fits 15x20cm pic.) with Clear Glass and Stand  
11x14" Curved Photo Frame (fits 28x35cm pic.) with Clear Glass and Stand  
Can't find the right size? Then get a free prices estimate for a custom photo frame to suit!