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In praise of the humble picture frame Cardboard Corner Protector (CPP)

Cardboard corner protectors (CPP) as the picture here shows are placed over each corner of photo frames or picture frames to protect them. Artists packing framer works for exhibitions, people moving houses and customers collecting picture frames from their picture framers are prime examples of framed art being moved or transported.  Protection is recommended and necessary when you are carrying or transporting framed art, for instance when moving house or shipping it.  A careless drop, or knock , bump, fall or a slip may damage, spring the corner open, crack the glass  and damage the picture frame, the art, or both.  Framed art can be anything, from an inexpensive holiday poster, to a cherished family heirloom, or a valuable work on paper or painting. In our experience, cardboard wrapping. Bubble wrapping and marking items with ...