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Ready-Made frames for all the pictures your children create at kindy and school

As picture framers we’ve come across this problem more than once and with lots of customers, mostly mums. It can be a bit of problem because children can be so prolific and custom picture framing is relatively expensive. It’s quite common for the little darlings to come home waving their latest painting and asking you can you please, please, “put it up for them” for them?  So how do you “put up” their art? Most school art is done on white newsprint or white butcher’s paper and nearly always in odd sizes. Further problems sometime arise when children start wanting different frames with little Johnny wanting blue frames and little Jane wanting pink ones. Of course, if you’ve just won the lottery, then you can afford to custom frame everything Johnny and Jane bring home, but this isn’t a realistic option available to most people. So what will you do? What we suggest our ...   Customers who find themselves in this minor predicament is to give their little darling a simple choice. The choice would, could, or might be, Ready-Made black frames for the lads and Ready-Made white ones for the lassies. And why only  those two colours? Because of 4 pretty good reasons. Firstly, those two colour finishes are the cheapest colours that can be manufactured since they are constantly being mass-produced. This lowers production costs as moulding and composite machinery need not be changed over and cleaned for other colours. This reduced manufacturing cost is passed on to wholesalers, retailers and thence, to consumers. Secondly, since those colours are the cheapest, most ready-made frame are also made in the same colours. Off-the-shelf, or ready-made frames, because of  the higher production volumes, can be bought by large merchants at far cheaper prices. than most picture frames. Once more, this reduced cost is made available to customers. Thirdly, most, if not all, custom picture frames are sealed and not openable at the back. Picture framers make custom picture frames thus because these are custom built for single use and the rear of the frame needs to be sealed against dust and insects’ intrusions. These niceties dot not apply to Ready-Made frames which usually have flexible, bendable tabs or swing clips to allow the back of the frames to be opened. By bending and closing the tabs or the clips, a Ready-Made frame may be used multiple times instead of just once. Fourthly, most Ready-Mades, or Off-the-Shelf frames are manufactured at  many different sizes, often a 2 or 3 inch,  or 5cms size gaps. That means that most of these may be used for school artwork which, in many cases, may be folded or trimmed a little or simply placed in frame large than its size. This is possible because at Ready-Made picture frame or photo frame, or Off-the-Shelf frame,  nearly always comes with a face paper which is plain white in the inner side. This plain white inner side maybe used a background against which you can place and centralize school art which is larger than the frame.  Of course, a Customer has always the last word.  In none of the preceding suggestions meet with your requirements, then a picture framer will always be ready and available to make a perfect custom picture frame for your little ones’  masterpieces.


Well, my children go to a school where the art teacher is able to source A2 art paper very cheap. So instead of photo frames or picture frames we use A2 frameless clip frames. With these I just remove the clips, the backing drops out, I put the A2 drawings in there and snap the clip back into place, easy. You can buy them in this web site here in the Frameless Clip Frames category. frames . Not only are these cheap but you can use them and re-use them over and over again.
Laura B. - 27 Oct 2018 10:02 pm
My little girl is allowed to bring her own paper to school. Hubby is in the printing business so he gets cheap A3 and A2 paper. Both size picture frames can be found quite cheaply online so I frame most of her art for her bedroom which she loves!
Janet H. - 26 May 2018 08:57 am
Yes, finally a practical suggestion for my little Leonardos. My 2 boys are natural-born artists and bring home ever-changing and ever more beautiful paintings. Our school has finally standardized art classes paper sizes mostly to A4's and A3s. I can buy the photo frames for these sizes pretty much anywhere for the price of a cappuccino.
Kathy T. - 21 Apr 2018 03:36 pm

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