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The new "Transterior" decor trend in picture frames and picture framing
Transterior is quite a recent interior design term.  In a nutshell, it’s that place in the house choose to build and have where the inside and the outside are made to come together. It is meant to connect, and evoke a feeling of transition, between the external nature outdoors and the internal, man-made indoors.  Years ago people called this the “outside room” the ‘sunroom’ even, where that alfresco ambience could be, if not met, at least hinted at.  This space can further define as the border where bricks meet the grass, as a verandah or sliding external door does.  Often it’s just the ‘family room’ because that room tends to lead directly onto to the outside garden or back yard.   In that place, space or room, the décor and picture frames may be designed and styled with earthy, unfinished, natural, organic or handmade furniture, décor and materials.   Many architectural ... and décor magazines and online publications now present us with Transterior filled with indoor plants, raw timbers, natural stones and botanical décor.  This botanical décor necessarily involves picture frames and picture frames of the same kind and genre, thus proffering that ambience of mother nature outdoors.  For picture framers, in picture framing, and their picture frames this has meant forsaking traditional moulding profiles and finishes in favour or those more consonant with this much more modern, transterior décor.  Square, not round profiles, are now in.  Rough, raw, even industrial, surfaces and finishes are now in demand, with the semi-gloss or glossy ones now being passé. And natural, earth-like colours and textures, which mimic or reflect nature, are now sought by décor-conscious customers.  In many cases, décor-conscious, developers, home owners or home occupants even, feel the need update not only their interiors but also to re-frame their old picture frames. While these rejuvenations are usually undertaken with a view to maximize real estate resale value, a home transterior upgrade is also said to improve both lifestyles and personal health. This nature-hugging trend is being embraced, if not espoused, by  health professional who are realizing that this proxy “ greening” of passing more time in verdant interiors can induce both physical and benefits.  Apparently, the simple pleasant feeling of surrounding ourselves with a natural ambience, can improve our personal satisfaction, happiness, mood, retention, memory, performance and creativity as well as contributing to the easing our fatigue, stress and pain levels.  Some medical research also tends to indicate that transterior surroundings can enhance our auto-immunity in addition to decreasing inflammations concomitant to certain diseases such as cancer. While this involves expenditure, costs may be kept reasonably low if one uses a prudent approach to picture framing. Often, it’s just the moulding, or the picture frame itself that need changing. Doing so will save the expense of backing, mounting and glazing the artwork. Many a poster can be rejuvenated by simply changing that old, passé, gold picture frame with a one made from raw oak or Victorian ash. Alternatively, framed posters with outdated subject matter, or themes, such as perhaps, holiday posters or black and white movie posters, may be updated to trendy, Transterior framed art simply by buying botanical, tropical or nature prints and asking your picture framer to re-frame them. Many customers are hesitant to ask picture framers to do this, but work is work, and most professional picture framers should have no problem give in you a picture framing quote to re-frame  your art. For transterior custom picture framing prices please visit our Picture Framing Prices Tool.



A problem with this transterior trend is that is kind of boring so far as interior decor and pictures are concerned. As an interior decorator I get this all the time. Young, trendy, millennial couples want everything in black, white or gray and nothing in between. For their picture frames they don't want any colours, golds or bronzes, maybe some silver sometimes. So basical you end up with everything whitewashed, from the ceiling to the floor... Yawn ..
Alysha S. - 30 Aug 2018 07:38 pm
I seem to remember years ago that tropical forests and waterfalls were all the rage. Then the Sara Moon cat posters were popular. Later still, the swimming dolphins and breaching whales were hot decor. Does this mean we are going retro, or back in time and that maybe we should all go to the Salvation army of other charity shops to buy all these all trees and nature framed prints that they have? If so I could save a fortune on picture frames or picture framing!
Trevor P. - 13 Mar 2018 07:21 pm

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