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The new "Transterior" decor trend in picture frames and picture framing

Transterior is quite a recent interior design term.  In a nutshell, it’s that place in the house choose to build and have where the inside and the outside are made to come together. It is meant to connect, and evoke a feeling of transition, between the external nature outdoors and the internal, man-made indoors.  Years ago people called this the “outside room” the ‘sunroom’ even, where that alfresco ambience could be, if not met, at least hinted at.  This space can further define as the border where bricks meet the grass, as a verandah or sliding external door does.  Often it’s just the ‘family room’ because that room tends to lead directly onto to the outside garden or back yard.   In that place, space or room, the décor and picture frames may be designed and styled with earthy, unfinished, natural, organic or handmade furniture, décor and materials.   Many architectural ...