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The Seven Virtues of Picture Framing Décor

You can either succeed or fail in tastefully decorating your home for which you will need both a lot of patience and a lot of time. Many are the homeowners who seek to uniquely fashion their world  with the colours of their walls and ceilings, floor and light fittings. However a substantial contributor to the overall look and feel will be the art they choose to display and hang on their walls. And since art can enhance or detract the décor of a home we have drawn on our years of experience to list some important points worth considering in picture framing décor. 1st: Identify the style of your home. While this is task is easily accomplished with rustic, period or modern homes, it may be more difficult with, for instance, the spec home of the 1960’s in Melbourne. In this instance, while most ... of these all have Laminex bench tops, 3 bedrooms, a side garage and pink brinks, they all do have that 1960’s early Beatles feel. So how about that retro 1960’s feel? If it’s still there why not go with it and get art and picture frames reminiscent of that era.   2nd: Decide where and which rooms of the home the décor will apply. Is the whole house that needs new frames or just one or two rooms, and which ones?  If you are wishing to fill up a large lounge-room wall, then the number and arrangement of the frame(s) will differ. For instance, a cluster of family photo frames perhaps surrounding  a larger wedding or family group will be eminently suitable for a large dining room but not for a kitchen setting. 3rd:  What do you want the ambience to be.   If the rooms to be decorated are dark and unlit, bright, light colours and picture frames are needed. Conversely, if these instead are brightly situated and well lit, darker prints and frames may well work.   4th:  Options and choices with colours dominance. And if so, will it by white, grey, coloured or a pastel?  What about a match or a clash with the existing house colours? All these colours have moods which can suggest, if not dictate, serious, light, airy, sombre or even jovial ambiences. 5th: Location theme. The new picture frames décor could be needed by the owners of a converted factory, studio loft, seaside retreat, rural homestead or country cottage, to name a few. Each and every one of these locations lends itself to disparate feelings and moods.  Grey or monochrome architectural prints and raw oak picture frames might be perfect for the first, industrial setting but not for any of  the others.  Hence the desirability of thinking about an appropriate location theme. 6th: To have or not have stretch-framed art or picture framed art.  Paintings and other non-friable media is nowadays often displayed stretch-framed, that is, without an outside or an external picture frame.  Large modern art, in particular can look quite striking and eye-catching simply stretch-framed. On the other hand, a series of small, hand-coloured limited-edition floral studies cannot be so framed, instead suitably matched window mats and clustered picture frames may be required. 7th:  Focus and meaning. Every room of every house is different and every room has a main wall or focal point where one cannot help but look at first or the longest.  We don’t know why this is but it is so.  You should then tailor your picture frames and framed art with this in mind.  For instance, the largest or most important piece would be hung on the main wall and the other on the secondary walls. And if two pieces are of the same size, which means the most to you.   Naturally enough a family photograph takes emotional priority over a holiday or souvenir poster. In the final analysis, your art is yours to do and hang when and where you wish. However if and when consulting with a decorator and or a picture framer on what art to buy and how to picture frame it, some reflections on the above seven points ought to serve you, and your home, in good stead. As the last point, and for your convenience, custom stretch-framing and custom picture framing price estimates are quickly and easily obtainable by using our Picture Framing Prices Estimator.


I can add an 8th virtue - Br cheap! If you can, use inexpensive, ready-made or pre-made picture frames. Most prints and art sold online today include standard large sizes, like, A0, B1 and 24"x36". These are common enough sizes and most frames stores have them in the popular, pale or white colours at a fraction of custom picture framing prices.
Naomi E. - 15 Jan 2018 06:53 pm
I stumbled across this blog post the other day. While I knew most for the points there we a couple, about stretcher frames and picture frames that I either didn't remember about or did not think of. So thank you.
Christine L. - 4 Oct 2017 09:47 pm

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