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Help! My new photo under the photo frame glass has weird "wet" marks or spots!

You will most likely to see this unusual phenomenon when you put a glossy, brand-new photo inside a picture frame, or a photo frame, so that it touches the glass of the frame. In fact, if you squeeze the glass and the back of the frame together, or run a fingertip hard across the back of the frame, you should see the mark, 'spot' or 'stain' increase or travel in the same spot or direction as your .. squeezing or your fingertip travel. And the more the photo touches the glass, the bigger the mark or 'stain' will appear too be. Release the pressure or lift you fingertip and the mark will lessen or disappear altogether. This will confirm to you that this occurrence is caused by the photo coming in contact with the glass. Those odd, seemingly "wet" or dark marks, or spots, you may see when a photo touches the ...