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I want a picture frame made up for my picture, do I have leave my print with you?

Generally, yes. We prefer you leave your picture, print, poster or photo (we call it artwork) with us. We need it to make a custom picture frame, put your artwork inside it, seal it, put the wire or cord and hand it do you. Some customers may be worried that their work is contracted out or framed elsewhere, but, with us at least, that's never been the case. All picture frames, photo frames or poster frames and all .. all picture framing is done by skilled, experienced custom picture framers in house. Other customers may be concerned about artwork loss or damage by flood, fire or accident, though in nearly 40 years of making picture frames, we've never had a claim. Still there have been a occasions where customers, for one reasons or another, have elected not to leave their artwork with us but have still wanted us to make picture frames. In these cases we simply measure ...