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I need lots of photo frames and picture frames, what discounts can you give me?

It all depends on the type of picture frames and picture framing we have to do. For instance, discount pricing is available for most of our cheap photo frames. Also, already heavily discounted, when compared to picture frames by other picture framers are our pre-made or ready-made cheap picture frames. Finally, our custom picture frames and custom picture .. framing can also be discounted on most occasions as detailed in our Discounts page. Alas wee need to say a few words of wisdom on quantity discounts for picture frames. There -is- a limit on how much discounting customers can expect. We have had retail or business customers who promised us "lots of work" but what good is this if we don't make a fair profit? Some business customers either forget or overlook this basic, business survival requirement. A customer, innocently enough, once asked us for matching quantity ... discounts. What he wanted, was something like this: for 100 frames 10% discount, for 500 frames 50% discount, for 750 frames 75% discounts, and for 1000 frames? You get the drift. That said, there are more intelligent ways and means to ask for and perhaps receive, discounts. Perhaps the first is not too assertively ask for a discount. Some customers seem to have read and believe that aggressively demanding discounts is the best way to get them, wrong! That approach will probably get instant dislike and non-co-operation from a store owner. A polite inquiry, with a smile, it's all you'll need to probably succeed. A second way is to ask if the store owner has seconds or shop-soiled goods. At our picture frames store, we have a section where we have lots of "seconds" picture frames and photo frames. These are perfectly good frames, suitable for the purpose of being picture frames, but may have a defect or flaw such as as rust spots on the steel hangers, a slight scratch or simply being a little dirty. These frames are often half price or more, so , just ask, politely. A third way is to buy more than, or multiple items, so don't just buy one photo frame, buy a few, and then inquire about a discount. With us, if you buy more than one picture frame, we'll nearly always give you a little bit off the list price. A fourth way to increase your chances of getting discounts is to pay not with a Credit Card but with cash. The reason you're more likely to get a discount with cash is that, firstly, the storekeeper won't have to pay and Merchant Fees and secondly, human nature being what is is, the store owner will probably put your cash straight into his wallet! A fifth, and perhaps, a last way is to ask for discounts when the store you want to buy your goods from is or seems quiet. There's no point in asking for a discount when there are lots of customers queued up to the counter and the staff is busy serving them, right? The opposite, when the staff are idle and there are few or no customers, may work better. In our store for instance, trade slows down on Friday afternoons. For that reason we're more receptive to agreeing to a discount request at that time, rather than first thing Monday morning, when everyone calls or rings through fresh inquiries and orders. We hope you've found our suggestions helpful.


Speaking for myself, I always ask for discounts, whatever I buy. Photo frames or picture frames aren't anything super special so why not ask the store or retailer for a discount? You got nothing to lose and being told "no" is perfectly fine so long as one asks politely. Also, I tend to get better and more frequent discounts if I pay in cash, especially for larger purchases. It won't get people very far claiming that they haven't got much money and then whip out an Amex card to pay, right? So, don't be lazy, go to the hole in the wall, get your notes out and wave the cash in front of the store owner. It works wonders. I nearly always get 10% and 15% off the retail or advertised price.
Harry P. - 17 Jan 2014 02:28 pm

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