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I don't want expensive frames or framing, how do your prices compare to others?

We are cheap - and proud of it. We're so confident of this that we've actually published up our custom picture framing and picture frames prices on the web for the whole world to see! Check us out if you don't believe us, try our picture frames, photo frames and picture framing online Prices Estimator Do you know, there may about 3000-odd picture framers in Australia, but very few, may be about half a dozen or .. so, publicize their prices like we do. Most framers jealously guard their prices which won't be disclosed to you unless you either drive to their store with your pictures for them to see, or phone up asking for a quote. But that's not what thrifty customers want! Nowadays customers want a good ... estimate, if not a binding quote, of what their pictures might cost to get framed, -before- goind down to the picture frames store to buy or order one. The good old days when customer anxiously brought their prints in to picture framers and were grateful if the framer condescended to do job at all and maybe in the next six months or so, are gone forever!  To check out our Custom Picture Frames and Custom Picture Framing prices use our Prices Estimator!


I'm doing up my movie theatre room with my favourite movie billboards and posters. I managed to get most of them in 60x90cms and 70x90cms poster sizes. I just wanted a black frame, with glass and with openable back so that I can change the posters when I want to. I went to several custom picture framing places and the framers there were wanting $150 , $350 per frame. I had 12 posters to do so I was looking at a big hit. Some of the picture framers started waffling about conservation, museum and preservation framing. They had a closed mindset and weren't listening to what I was saying or what I wanted. I only needed to temporarily frame cheap $20,$30, $40 posters. One of them kept crapping on and on about his doing only the very best conservation framing and I walked out of there, he was also the dearest. What's wrong with these framers, why aren't they listening to what customers want? Anyway, I went online and found exactly what I wanted! Super-cheap, black ready made picture frames and poster frames from http://www.pictureframe.com.au ! The bonus was that they sell them with flexible tabs so that I can open the backs myself and change the posters and prints like I wanted all along.
Ian C. - 8 Jan 2014 04:05 pm
You guys are cheap! I got quoted 3 times the prices from a picture framer in Armadale. Granted, they said that their was an Italian design but when the frames are up on the wall, who can tell and who cares? Black is black and it pretty much looks all the same no matter where it's from. The expensive framers wanted $504 for my 3 posters but I got 3 pre-made picture frames from you for $185, so I saved heaps !!! I will recommend you.
Jim D. - 28 Dec 2013 11:05 pm

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