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Custom picture frame your cherished memories with creative picture frames

It is possible to hold, capture and keep your most cherished memories by custom picture framing some of the items or objects associated with the memories' times or events. In this example, a pair of child-sized, soccer boots are mounted and framed in the 3-dimensional silver, box picture frame. The boots were brought in by a female customer whose brother was soon to become 21.. She had asked that the boots be picture framed economically and in time for his birthday. The items were picture framed with two mat colours over a light background inside a custom made box picture frame. Many are the objects, such as mementos, keepsakes, collectibles, coins, stamps, spoons, pins, badges, flags, pennants, shells, fabrics, records, photos, documents, letters, postcards, thimbles, buttons ..   paper art, that can be picture framed or put in a picture frame. We have seen some US picture framers' commissions which involved the framing of complete military uniforms, though the picture frame cannot be hung and these were more like display cabinets than frames. If framing personal memorabilia, customers should take care in choosing the picture framer. Many picture framers are unsuited to this exacting and delicate type of work. They may even use resins or glues to permanently and irreversibly bond artwork. Ideally, during your consultation with the picture framer, you should ask if he or she actually enjoys this specialized picture framing. If they do, chances are that they will not only be good at it, but will also have actual examples of photographs of past works or commissions they have done. You would then be able to better judge if the framer is suited for the task which you will proffer.


My grandad worked for the old Ghan transcontinental railway back in the 1920's and he kept some old railway spikes of when the rails finished at the Alice. He was sixteen at the time. Got one of the these iron aspikes, heavy, about 1/2 of kilo, together with a plaques and an old photo all framed up in a memorabilia box frame. Well, grandpa talked and looked at that picture frame for years afterwards, and when he died, we buried the frame with him. He wanted it that way.
Bluey M - 7 Apr 2014 01:19 pm
Actually it's amazing what picture framers can do with picture frames. I wanted a couple of soccer shirt framed with photos and had to go to 9 picture framers before I found one that a) would do the job and b) wouldn't rip me off. A couple of guys said they coul do it but they wanted more more thank 1k! I then found a picture framer who had oversize glass and and oversize press to do my work. He did a beutiful job for only $599! He said that making picture frames that big isn't that hard, it's just the glass and fitting up that takes time and patience. The framer is Eastleigh frames in Moorabbin and I'll recommend him to anyone.
Stevo. W. - 10 Oct 2013 03:53 pm
What is is framed are a pair of child's shoes. Then it is possible to frame a pair or small man's soccer shoes and would that cost a lot more I wonder. But may be not because the shoes would only be about 20% bigger so the picture frame would cost about that more. I'll email you. Also I see that it would be possible to stick an engraved plaque with the player's details, date of the match, etc. engraved in a stick-on plaque
Lars V. - 6 Jul 2013 06:54 pm

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