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Can you match the picture frame, photo frame or mat that I bought years ago?

Sometimes ( though not always ) this is possible and can be done. The first step is to browse through a picture framer's web site and see if they have the particular frame that you're looking for. In our case, our most popular ( but not all, we have too many ) picture frames and photo frames, can be seen here If you can't see the frame that you're trying to match, then take a photo of the ... frame ( your phone camera will do fine ) and email it to several picture framers. Explain that you've got some framing to do, that you're trying to match an existing picture frame, and do they have the frame or at least know who the supplier is. Hopefully, at least one of them will recognize the frame you're after and give you some pertinent help or advice. That said, we have to add that while we can access ...  a large range of frame styles, it may be that the one you bought years ago or even a while back, has been discontinued or is no longer available. The moulding ( picture frame material ) manufacturer, importer or distributor who sold the picture frame, may even be no longer in business. We know of at least four, large to medium, Australian picture frames moulding manufacturers or distributors have closed in the last few years. Many of them imported picture frames and mouldings with their own exclusive finish and design. Perhaps unluckily, the picture frame material you're trying to match was one of theirs. Further, if the frame is still be available, it may look different due to variations in the timber, the paints or finishing foils. Still, if the picture framing project is important to you, you should persevere. Many picture framers mouldings hold about 30 metres (100 feet ) of most picture framing mouldings. If the frame moulding they hold isn't wildly popular, that particular moulding might be held by the framer for 2, 4, 6 years or until it's used up. However if the original picture frame can't be matched, how about picture framing both the new and old artwork in a new, frame, though this is a more expensive option. To avoid this, and if you want a series of perfectly matching picture frames, we'd advise you to buy all the picture frames you project on having all at once. And if don't actually have all the prints or photos of a series, buy the empty picture frames anyway to guarantee your project's continuity. Your art, prints, photos or pictures can always be fitted in the photos or picture frames as these become available.


Problem with my 4 frames on my walls is that they are all hand stained mouldings made from proper hardwood from a framer that has since closed down. I had quite alot of trouble trying to find that moulding and in the end had to settle for a pre made moulding which wasnt as nice and was the only one available unfortunately. The picture framer i went too was very helpful and understood what i was saying. He was saying that people that hand stain their own mouldings are very niche. I had not understood this at the time. He recommended a stained on the other side of sydney, but it was too far for me to go. If you are doing an emulation of insisting frames, make sure the moulding you use is a common one. That would be my advice.
Bob J. - 23 Feb 2016 11:55 am
I had a series of 8 framed family photos that I really wanted all framed -exactly- the same. I mean, exact timber picture frame and exact colour of mats as well. I wasn't worried about the cost because this is something that I really wanted. Well, guess what, my problem wasn't finding the same picture frame but getting the same picture framing mat. I since learned that there are many makers of mats, not juts one, and that the mat colours come and go with fashion. Also, mats can and will fade, especially the older ones. I tried 4 framers before giving up on exactly matching mats because of this. So what I ended up doing was to re-matt all the framed photos to the current mats. In addition, I bought 2 spare sheets of mat board, like the picture framer suggested, just to make sure I can frame more photos with the same mat colour, if I choose to do do in the future.
Kerrilyn M. - 7 Dec 2013 07:02 pm
I thought picture framers actually made all their own picture frames materials, or the wood sticks, or wood mouldings, as they call them. But I'm told that they don't. All picture framers do when making photo frames and picture frames is cut and join lengths of pre-made wooden sticks which they pick from their stock. These pre-made wooden sticks ( or mouldings ) are usually completely painted, finished, wrapped and boxed in big factories, mostly overseas, where costs are so much cheaper. So picture framers don't put on the silver or gold or the white or black colours on frames. All they do is assemble the four pieces they cut for a frame, put it together and then sell it to you. This is why they can't really match, reproduce or replicate old frames bought by customers long ago.
Alexandra D. - 27 Nov 2013 10:12 am

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