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Can you match the picture frame, photo frame or mat that I bought years ago?

Sometimes ( though not always ) this is possible and can be done. The first step is to browse through a picture framer's web site and see if they have the particular frame that you're looking for. In our case, our most popular ( but not all, we have too many ) picture frames and photo frames, can be seen here If you can't see the frame that you're trying to match, then take a photo of the ... frame ( your phone camera will do fine ) and email it to several picture framers. Explain that you've got some framing to do, that you're trying to match an existing picture frame, and do they have the frame or at least know who the supplier is. Hopefully, at least one of them will recognize the frame you're after and give you some pertinent help or advice. That said, we have to add that while we can access ...