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Help! My picture's gone all weird, wonky, bubbly and funny! What's happened?

Every now and then we get Customers either bringing framed art similar to the one shown here or ringing in about this predicament. The problem is, in most cases this: the document, photo, print or art has been simply shoved or crammed, unmounted, in a tight picture frame. With the passing of the time and seasons, heat, humidity and other factors, the framed art has ... expanded, or grown larger, in both height and width. In doing so, the art has hit the hard sides of the frame and, not having room to move or anywhere else to go, it has begun to crumple and buckle. Imagine, if you will, a moving car hitting a brick wall. The most immediate and obvious effect is that the car's bumper, hood and bodywork will begin to crumple and crush after impact. And so it is with expanding art inside a ...