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I'm from the U.S. and confused about the "A series" frame sizes, what are these?

For generations, Anglophone countries, such as Australia, used the imperial system of measurements which included feet and inches. In picture framing, for photo frames and picture frames, inches were the most commonly used unit of measure. So picture frames were known, made and sold in sizes such as 8"x10" , 11"x14, 20"x30", etc. Beginning in 1970, Australia metrication .. gradually supplanted the imperial system and large scale conversion across the paper, printing, photographic and allied industries such as picture framing began. There are many powerful reasons why Australia changed to the metric system but these are all embraced by the simple statement that it could not afford not to do so! This was the import of the 1968 Report of the Senate Select Committee on the Metric ...

I'm from Europe and confused about the "Inches" frame sizes, what are these?

In order to buy the correct picture frame for that print or photo you have you'll need to know what size it is first. And to know what size it is, you'll have to measure it. If you're from Europe, schooled and grown up with centimetres and decimetres, you'll probably measure your artwork, and your frame, in decimetres, centimetres or millimetres. So when you go and look for picture .. frames and you find them labelled in Imperial sizes such as 8"x10" or 11"x14", chances are that you'll be a little confused. After all Australia is supposed to be a metric country, right, so what's going on? What's happened is that Australia converted, or metricated, to the metric system, which included units of length, in the 1970's. From its founding, and up to that time, the imperial system of measurements which included feet and inches had been the official one. Therefore, for picture framers in picture ..