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Is it safe to use glass to frame big posters like 36"x48" (122x92cms) or bigger?

Yes. We'll blog about this because we've come across it a few times in the last few months or so. It generally goes like this: a Customer rings us wanting to frame a "big" picture or print with perspex instead of glass. We query if the picture frame is for a hospital, a children's environment, an aged care home or a high-traffic area. No the customer says. It's just that they have a "really big" .. . picture and he or she has been told to use plastic or perspex instead of glass. They've been told that either a glass sheets of that size isn't available, or, a glass that size would be "too heavy" and "too dangerous" to use. When asked how big does the frame needs to be, the customer tells us that it's "really big", about a 1x1m or "really massive" like 1.5 x 1m or so. At this point we reassure the customer that a) yes, we can get picture framing glass for that size with no problems ...