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Cheap, simple, functional, effective and elegant clip frames, or frameless frames

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Wiki-Knowledge-article-iconClip frames, available online here, are also colloquially, though often inaccurately, called ' Frameless frames', 'Snap wall-of-clip-frames frames' . ' Borderless frames' or 'Glass frames.' Clip framing is a very economical, effective and elegant method of displaying photographs, prints and other works on paper. This minimalist look ensures that the clip framing never intrudes or interferes for the attention of the framed art. Almost invariably, a clip frame will be made up of a piece of either glass pane or plastic, transparent glazing ...

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How can you ship or courier frameless glass frames and not have any clip frames breaking?

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Not breaking clip frames Simply put, we know how to pack them. We have shipped frameless glass clip frames for a few yearsbroken-picture-frame-glass now and learned by experience. Also, we've learned that the the largest size we can safely ship is (A3 or 29.7 x 42 cm) after which we change to plastic glass. Essentially, we pack all glass frames with three layers of protective materials which reduces our to damages claim rate to about .01% In the quite rare occasions that the glass in the clip frames, photo frames, certificate frames or clip frames  ...

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